Lets get you setup!

Note: We manually set up new members “During Market Hours” setup details will be emailed to you in a few minutes.

If you have registered off hours, check your email an hour before the next market session start.

  1. Add “tradertim@myoptionstradingclub.com” to your email whitelist to receive the morning email (sent out at around 5AM est daily). Due to it having percentages and dollar amount quotations, it will likely go to your SPAM box until you indicate otherwise.
  2. You will receive an invite from “SLACK.com” to join the “MOTC” chat rooms and an email from “tradertim@myoptionstradingclub.com” with your link to complete you’re registration.
  3. Go ahead and download/install SLACK on your desktop or mobile device or feel free to use their browser version at www.SLACK.com.
  4. Please take the time to introduce yourself in chat via Private Message or email me at tradertim@myoptionstradingclub.com, kindly share with me as much as your conformable regarding you trading history and goals. I’m in this for 27 years now, so the more I know about you, the easier I can help you find what you’re looking for and to get you where you want to go.

See you in the chat.

Tim Richards